Wildlife nests aka ‘baby bowls’

Wildlife nests aka ‘baby bowls’

As I was browsing the web for charities to crochet for (yes, I have now crocheted so much that I am looking for places to give it away, hehe), I came across an idea for making nests for wildlife groups.  This is great because it serves two purposes.  One, it provides a nice, warm nest for all those baby birds, opossum, squirrels, etc. to snuggle down in while they are being raised by their human caregivers.  And two, it allows me to use up all that extra yarn left over from other projects.

I’m putting the steps I used here because I did mine slightly different, but you can also find the original patterns here.  It has both a crochet pattern and a knitting pattern.


  • Use any yarn you want.  I have used much of my scrap, leftover yarn, holding 2 or 3 strands together.
  • 8.0 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle (to weave in ends)


sc = Single Crochet

ss = Slip Stitch


– Ch. 3, join with ss to form a ring.  (option 2:  Ch. 3, then work your 8 – 10 single crochets into the 1st chain.)

– Begin by working between 8 – 10 single crochets into center of ring (option 2: see previous step).  The number will vary depending on how thick your yarn is, but I generally made between 8 and 10 before meeting back up to the 1st sc.

– Continue around the circle by doing 2 SC in each of the previous stitches.  After you’ve gone around once, then do 1 SC in the next stitch, then 2 SC, then 1 SC.  Repeat this *1 SC, 2 SC, 1 SC* until you have gone around a couple of times.  You are making a spiral.

– You’ll notice that as you go around the spiral, you may need to adjust to *1 SC, 1 SC, 2 SC* repeated.  After making a few you’ll see how to gauge it.  One way to tell is if the edge starts getting wavy, you need to put more SCs in between each 2 SC, but if it starts curving upwards, you need to do more 2 SCs between your 1 SCs.

When your base is the right size, start working 1 SC in each stitch.  This will make the sides of the nest start to form.  Continue this until the nest is about 2″ – 3″ deep (or as tall as you want to make it).  Join and fasten off.  Weave in any loose ends.


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